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Grand opening of a new APR i-Store in Minsk

Октябрь 04, 2017

Grand opening of a new APR i-Store in Minsk

A new Apple Premium Reseller store under the brand name i-Store opened in Minsk, Belarus on the 29th of September. Оn the occasion of the opening customers had a chance to buy popular iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models at special price with 25% discount.

Apple Premium Reseller i-Store

The new store was opened in the center of the Belarusian capital on the ground floor of one of the most popular shopping malls "Galleria Minsk". New i-Store has a showroom with area of over 100 sq. m. One of the main novelties of the store is a special section for consultation and training Flex Table where customers can learn about the exciting features of Apple products and services as well as get answers to the questions and customize Apple devices.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

One hour before the official opening of the store at 18:00 the atrium of the shopping center turned into real «Apple World» with entertainment and learning zones. Guest musicians played a concert without the usual instruments – using iPads instead and magicians performed tricks with the help of Apple gadgets.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

Everyone was able to participate in the master class of the real artist and get a portrait painted on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Those who love photography were welcome to learn the mastery of iPhone photography. Play zone became a place for pairs competition on Apple TV and augmented reality testing.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

At 19:00 the doors of the new store i-Store where opened and buyers were excited by incredibly attractive offer — an unprecedented price for three popular Apple products — iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The offer included 25% discount off the regular retail prices.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

The promo created an unprecedented furor, queues of customers wishing to become Mac and iPad owners at special price lined up around the perimeter of shopping center’s the ground floor. During the first three hours of i-Store operation all promo Mac and iPad units were sold out. Two cash registers made transactions every two minutes.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

On September 30 the store received an additional batch of promo goods and the range of products with discounts was expanded.

Grand opening of new a APR i-Store in Minsk

Welcome to the new Apple Premium Reseller i-Store in Minsk!

«Galleria Minsk» TC
9, Pobediteley avenue
Minsk, Belarus

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